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Doing Business

Doing Business with the UNDP

In order to fulfill its mandate, and ensure a consistent and timely supply to 166 Country Offices, UNDP must maintain a wide supplier base. We want to build long-term business relationships with reputable vendors across the globe that have goods and services that will help us address some of the world’s most urgent needs and pressing problems.

Direct Your Efforts

UNDP contracts are normally awarded through competitive processes. Vendors should become familiar with UNDP procurement methods and choose which procurement opportunities to take based on their understanding of their competitive advantage. Does your company offer state of the art technology? Does it have a particularly strong presence or track record in a country or region? Does it have a deep understanding of the market and its risks? Does it have stock available on short notice?

Develop Your Company’s Opportunity Pipeline

To better understand UNDP’s procurement needs and as a complement to their own market research, we encourage vendors to analyze the UNDP project portfolio and track procurement notices, including Requests for Expressions of Interest. UNDP publishes all procurement notices and awards free of charge on its website as well as on the United Nations Global Marketplace.

Provide Information Through Adequate Channels

UNDP does not maintain central procurement rosters, and potential vendors are not required to pre-register. However, it is extremely useful for UNDP to have updated information on all potential and existing vendors, as it makes vetting vendors a more effective and efficient process and allows information to be shared seamlessly across the organization. To this end, UNDP proudly partners with UNGM which allows vendors to register as potential suppliers to all participating UN Agencies, funds and programmes.

Make Your Company Visible and Highlight Your Competitive Advantages

If you would like to include UNDP in your marketing activities, please consider that the most effective approaches are tailored to the needs of a particular Country Office, and that UNDP procurement officials undertake a considerable amount of internet research.  UNDP officials do not normally make specific visits to individual companies, nor participate in marketing sessions or junkets. You may, however, approach the procurement focal point in the Country Office to make general inquiries and arrange a visit to the Country Office.

Business seminars are the best way of bringing together representatives from UN agencies with potential vendors. Please contact your country’s Mission to the United Nations to learn more about trade missions to UNDP.

UNDP must procure in a way that is consistent with its objectives and mandate and is particularly interested in having vendors with operations that reflect those broad goals. UNDP proudly supports the UN Global Compact and has made sustainability a key procurement consideration. UNDP is also creating innovative models that will allow it to aggregate demand through hubs, regional centers, and the use of framework contracts.

Please be advised that the use of the name and emblem of the United Nations is restricted based on General Assembly resolution 92(1) 1946 and that your use of said emblems for marketing purposes is illegal. Under its General Terms and Conditions, UNDP does not allow its vendors to advertise or otherwise make public the fact that they are contractors with the United Nations, nor shall a vendor, current or prospective, in any manner whatsoever use the name, emblem or official seal of the United Nations, the United Nations Development Programme, or any abbreviation thereof in connection with its business. This includes their use in print or electronic marketing materials.

For more information visit: www.undp.org