Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Tenders (TAG-Tenders)

Insight into TAG.Global

Insight into TAG.Global

Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Global (TAG.Global) is a global organization for professional, business, intellectual property, education and capacity-building services. TAG.Global operates worldwide out of more than 100 offices. This makes us the only regional firm of international, multilingual, highly trained professionals providing diversified services worldwide.

TAG.Global achieves its goals through reliance on highly experienced specialists from diverse nationalities who, based on their extensive knowledge of the region, predict economic and social trends and evaluate options to determine the optimal solution for current and anticipated challenges.

Our Goals
Equipped with extensive and unrivalled business experience in the Arab region, combined with our in-depth knowledge of the socio-economic environment, TAG.Global has the ability to customize its services to match its clients’ needs. By utilizing the expertise of its diverse, multinational and dedicated personnel, TAG.Global commits itself to fulfilling the needs of the evolving world market.

Professional Responsibility
We believe that it is our obligation to adapt and abide by the most ethical professional principles. All TAG.Global services are rooted in integrity and carried out with diligence. We strive for perfection and aim to be a professional role model for others to follow. We are proud that our principles are never compromised.

Corporate Operation Standards
The firm implements a general framework of policies concerning professional practices, staff management and the execution of audit programs throughout its offices, which makes us unified and united as a group, and yet still allows individual contributions to positively influence our progress and development. We have a dedicated quality control department that requires each office to regularly undergo a peer review, carried out by other TAG.Global offices, to confirm that the method and quality of work are consistent with that of our network, worldwide.

Professional Integrity
At TAG.Global, we abide by the principles of absolute integrity and deal with all our clients’ information with the strictest confidence. We ensure that each individual within the firm upholds our principles, and is well aware that any action that adversely affect our integrity or image has never been and will never be tolerated.

Our International Aspirations
We believe that it is our duty, at both the national and international levels, to provide services on a par with the highest international standards. Although TAG.Global is an Arab institution, we are well recognized internationally and thereby can offer our services worldwide with the same quality as provided by the best practicing organizations in the world.

Efficient Management
Our strong management vision, which is executed through our executive team, ensures the implementation of our principles and policies. Therefore, we operate as one unified and united firm and not as a group of offices, branches, entities, or individuals.

Executing Internationally-Funded Projects
TAG.Global is unrivalled when it comes to business experience and broad, in-depth knowledge of the socio-economic environment of the Arab region. This gives TAG.Global a distinct advantage when executing development projects on social, economic, and administrative reform. As the leading professional services firm in the Arab region, it is at the core of our mission to help develop and modernize the Arab world. To achieve those ends, we work in cooperation with stakeholders in government, the private sector, NGOs, and international donor organizations.

Commitment to the Community, Professional Ethics and UN Principles
TAG.Global is deeply committed, through its various organizations and associations, to upholding the objectives of the Global Compact. For this purpose, TAG.Global is an active member of the Global Compact initiative.

TAG.Global offers educational opportunities to its employees through literacy classes in the fields of computer technology and business procedures. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Global has been dedicated to bridging the digital divide that exists between developed and developing nations. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Cambridge IT skills center provides technical courses aimed at eliminating computer illiteracy in the Arab world in addition to equipping trainees with the necessary skills to compete in their business environments.

On the cultural front, TAG.Global has worked towards the establishment of cultural heritage festivals, has sponsored classical music concerts, music competition, and seminars (two of which were held in Salzburg and London), and has lent support to these initiatives throughout their implementation.

TAG.Global has a deep belief in the empowerment of women. We uphold a promotion policy based on equality and merit.