Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Tenders (TAG-Tenders)


Procurement and Tendering Consulting

TAG-TENDERS has extensive experience in both public and private sector procurement and tendering systems.

Procurement has become a more and more complex mission. Today, procured goods and services make up a

major part of any institution's budget and resources. Therefore, it is now more important than ever for institutions

to put in practice sound procurement procedures, through standardization and greater transparency, in order to

minimize costs, maximize efficiency, and promote good governance. TAG-TENDERS offers customized services

giving our clients the tools necessary to implement and improve procurement procedures and better meet user

requirements and specifications.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  1. Development of Procurement Systems and Guidelines
    • We develop extensive procurement systems, guidelines and reporting tools detailing the process from inception to completion.
    • Our consultants focus on helping our clients' realize their objectives while developing a simple-to-use, specialized system, which enhances good governance and promotes transparency.
  2. Monitoring and Assessing Systems
    • We develop M&E tools to monitor the daily activities of existing procurement systems and do systematic checks on a regular basis.
    • Our methodical checks measure:
      • Efficiency
      • Cost saving
      • Transparency
      • Good governance
      • We offer comprehensive reports on our findings to support your decision making process.
  3. Arabization of Systems
    • Taking advantage of our multi-lingual staff and our experience in the Arab world, we can help assure that your procurement procedures comply with local practices, norms, and values, participating in the realization of local economic development
  4. Green Procurement
    • TAG.Global is committed to responsible, sustainable procurement practices. We seek to maximize benefits for our clients and their stakeholders. TAG-TENDERS offers plans on how to implement the most-up-to date environmentally responsible procedures. We develop a strategy after we have assessed the current policy in order to provide a baseline for setting goals and targets.
  5. E-Procurement
    • E-procurement systems have become an essential tool in the procurement process. The benefits of using e-procurement systems is that they have not only simplified the process by increased standardization and organization, but have also increased transparency and fairness to all those involved.
    • We provide the guidance necessary to implement e- procurement systems.